Nixon First United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 18, 2019
A Welcoming Congregation

Administrative Board for 2017

Administrative Board for 2017
Tom Troll -Chair/Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Jodie Mahan- Finance Chair 
Jeffery Patteson - Finance Member
Don Finch - Finance Member/Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Jerry Parr - Treasurer
Bradley Avant - SPRC Chair
Kathy Parr - SPRC Member
Janie Ruth Borchardt - SPRC Member
Margaret Davis - SPRC Member
Gladyne Finch - Alternate to Annual Conference/Chair of Ministry Council
Johnny Hewell - Trustee Chair
James Cannon - Trustee
Sheri Wuest - Trustee
Gary Finch - Lay Leader
Virginia Wynne - UMW/God's Storehouse Representative
Stephanie Vital - Council Secretary
Rhonda Troll - Pastor
We rely upon all these disciples for prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness in our life together as First United Methodist Church of Nixon, Texas.
We thank all those who served in 2015 for their dedication and for their service to our congregation and community!